New Evidence Emerges in Maxwell Case

New Evidence Emerges in Maxwell Case

Ghislaine Maxwell: socialite, girlfriend and associate of Jeffery Epstein, wife of an unknown person. Wait… what? Of all the things we expected to hear about Maxwell, the existence of an unknown spouse wasn’t one of them. And that’s not the only surprise.

When it comes to associations, one glance at the internet reveals a slew of photos with Epstein and Maxwell together, looking like the happy couple. When Epstein was arrested, the world waited to see how long it would take to bring in Maxwell, who seemed to do Epstein’s bidding and has been accused of being the one who provided and groomed his young victims.

That may not be the case at all. When Maxwell tried to get out on bail, her numerous bank accounts, international connections, and various homes around the world made her a prime candidate for successfully skipping out on bond. But all that was public knowledge.

To further drive home the point, it was revealed that Maxwell has a spouse… whom she refuses to name. And, to muddy some already swampy waters is the speculation that Maxwell may have very been the one calling the shots all along, not Epstein.

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