NWF Declares War on Asian Carp

NWF Declares War on Asian Carp

Ecosystems and environments can be fragile and quickly thrown out of balance. Invasive species like Asian carp can ruin an ecosystem in no time. Unfortunately, these meddlesome fish can thrive in foreign environments. As a result, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is stepping in to solve the problem.

Asian carp have become prevalent in many Midwestern rivers connected to the Mississippi. So much so, if you steer your boat in a circle, the carp begin to jump out of the water. This situation presents a significant problem for native species as they are losing crucial feeding areas and breeding grounds to Asian carp.

In the documentary above, the NWF shows the extent of these carp’s negative impact on the environment. Local economies in states like Michigan are particularly vulnerable to an invasion of Asian carp. The state receives roughly $26 billion annually from outdoor recreation, which is jeopardized by these fish.

Fishing can help decrease the rising populations. However, you need to exercise caution at all times, particularly when you are out on a boat. An ounce of prevention beats out any cure. So, be sure to wear a life jacket. Check out this article explaining how to improvise a life jacket if you forget yours or don’t have one readily available.

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