OUTRAGEOUS: Racial Profiling Making a Comeback

OUTRAGEOUS: Racial Profiling Making a Comeback

[Edited for update] Lincoln County has since adjusted their mandate to exclude the provision for people of color. They did under the pressure from locals and people across the nation, who didn’t appreciate this new form of racism.

Tensions between races in America continue to grow. Some are stoking the flames of racial divide while others call for unity. Unfortunately, racial profiling is also making a comeback, but not the way you might think.

Lincoln County in Oregon has released new orders calling for mandatory face coverings. What’s the big deal? Well, you’re only mandated to wear one if you’re white. You read that right, people who are not white are not required to wear masks.

The state’s case count was at 7,274 as of Tuesday, with the death toll staying at 192. A total of 206,381 people have been tested in Oregon since the beginning of the pandemic. The Center for Disease Control has recommended that all Americans wear face coverings to prevent the virus from spreading.

Ohio State University professor Trevor Logan says forcing blacks to wear masks is like telling them to look dangerous given racial stereotypes. If it is recommended all Americans wear face masks, how would a black person wearing a mask seem any different than anyone else?

The CDC has said that minorities are hit the hardest by the virus. So it makes sense that you would allow people of color to be exempt from the mandatory mask order… only it doesn’t.

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