Pandemic Preparation: DIY Mask Filter

As we are seeing with the coronavirus in China, when a pandemic strikes, essential supplies such as filter masks can disappear quickly. When faced with a growing health crisis, and you can’t get a mask to protect yourself, what can you do?

Our friend, Canadian Prepper, is sharing with us ways to make our own masks to filter out dangerous particulates using furnace filters.

For this project, you will want to find filters with a Micro-particulate Performance Rating (MPR) of at least 1900. Be sure to buy high-end filters, which are generally around $20; cheaper filters are made from fiberglass which is not something you want to breathe.

When looking at filters you also want to look for ones with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 13 rating. MERV ratings show that the filter traps both microscopic particles and macroscopic particles. MERV 13 is as low as you should go, but the higher the MERV the thicker the material — and the harder it‘ll be to breathe through.

Learning to make these do-it-yourself masks could save your life if you find yourself without the proper equipment — and since everyone will want masks, supplies will run out quickly. Innovation can keep you alive when the world is going down the drain.

Thank you to our friends at Modern Survival for sharing this piece!