Tech Titans Forced to Testify

In an unprecedented hearing, four tech CEOs testified as part of an ongoing antitrust investigation. Documents obtained by members of Congress were published Wednesday after the testimony. The emails, memos, and internal studies of the four tech giants show the tough decisions the companies had to make. The video below shows Amazon’s Jeff Bezos testifying.

Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon didn’t become the titans they are today overnight. It was a long and often hard-fought battle faced with difficult choices, often making cut-throat decisions.

The documents bring to light how Facebook and Apple formed their companies and their growth, taking on any possible threats head-on. The documents in a broader sense, show the four platforms doing whatever it takes to grow, often aggressively.

Lawmakers within the House Antitrust Committee taking lead in the investigation claim the documents are proof that these sites have too much power. Of course, the CEOs defend their actions, stating they had to make those decisions to keep their companies alive.

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