Top 10 Rules for Successful Bartering


Bartering used to be the main method of making a purchase by trading one service or item for another. Commercialism has largely wiped that out, and many people don’t realize they can still barter today. But bartering is the trade that will never go away, because it doesn’t rely on cash. Paying the price on a tag is easy. Knowing just how to exchange your services or products for others is a bit trickier, and possibly even more valuable than cash.

The specialists at Survival Dispatch are sharing their top ten rules for bartering, both in a disaster scenario and the here and now. From not making trades at home, to always having back-up, the tips they provide can help you leave the table satisfied with the results. More importantly, they can keep you from losing your valuables (or your head) in a bad deal.

As always, the best way to cement a new skill into your abilities is through practice. The more you do it, the better you become. By following the rules outlined in the video above, you may even come out ahead as you see how to effectively trade on your skills.

What about you? Do you have any tips or tricks for bartering? We’d love to hear from you. Reply to your email and let us know.

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