Trump Hits Leftist Where it Hurts — Another EO

Trump Hits Leftist Where it Hurts — Another EO

Radical Leftists and the mob that follows them have poisoned American society. They use the cover of “Black Lives Matter” to push their radical ideologies and Marxist views on the country. President Trump, however, isn’t afraid to face the mob. Someone has to fight back, and he’s locked and loaded, and not backing down!

Using the power that the American people gave him, President Trump signed an executive order on Sept. 22, expanding a Sept. 4 memo issued by Management and Budget Director Russell Vought targeting critical race theory training in the federal system.

That memo banned indoctrination efforts regarding: racist, sexist, and divisive ideologies among government employees. The president’s latest executive order extends the prohibitions detailed by Vought’s memo to any individuals and businesses working with the American government.

This battle may be won, but the war is far from over when it comes to eliminating the influence of critical race theory in the federal system. However, claiming this victory does deliver a blow to efforts by the radical Left to overwhelm the federal system with their doctrinal objectives.

Their “anti-American” ideas have no place in our political infrastructure. The United States of America was founded so that all men and women would be treated equally. The survival of American democracy depends on everyone doing their part to push back against the Leftist agenda.

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