(Un)Civilized America Shows Need for Security

(Un)Civilized America Shows Need for Security

Americans have always felt the need to defend themselves, but recent events are showing us why our Second Amendment rights are so vitally important. With riots and unrest in all 50 states, Americans are worried for their safety. Rightfully so.

Small business owners are distressed, concerned that their life’s work will go up in flames — lost to looters and rioters. That’s why gun sales are surging.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, gun sales went through the roof. This at a time when you couldn’t even buy toilet paper. Now those same sales have reached record highs once again.

Americans all over the country are seeing the need to own a firearm, and they’re going out and buying them. This isn’t just 2A advocates or conservatives states either, as many of them already own firearms.

People from every state and political background are buying guns, which doesn’t come as a surprise. The left says they don’t like guns, yet want to arm themselves at the first sign of danger.

Perhaps this will end the debate on gun control. Maybe, just maybe, Democrats will see the need for our AR-15s and the Second Amendment. Regardless, the violence tearing our country in two is showing there is a need for armed gun owners, possibly more than ever before in American history.
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