ABC Loses President Amid Investigation

(—Kimberly Godwin became the president of ABC News in 2021. She was the first black woman to take control of a major broadcast news network. Now, just three years into her tenure, she has stepped down.

On May 5, Godwin sent a memo to the staff at ABC News, stating that she “decided to retire from broadcast journalism.” She said it wasn’t an “easy or quick decision” but believes “it’s the right one” for her, and she intends to prioritize what’s important to herself and her family.

Godwin praised those before her who built a brand that was “synonymous with trust, integrity,” and her work to continue the goal to be the best at broadcast journalism. She didn’t name a successor. However, Debra O’Connell, the president of newsgroup and networks at Disney, announced she was overseeing ABC News until the company found someone to replace Godwin.

Godwin’s time as the head of ABC News has been repeatedly described as “tumultuous” by various news reports. When she took over as president, the network’s two major news programs, “Good Morning America” and “World News Tonight,” led NBC and CBS in the ratings. While they are still in the lead, some scandals at the network have caused ratings to slip.

At “Good Morning America,” former hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach left “GM3” in 2022 after reports revealed the anchors were in a relationship. Instead of embracing the relationship like MSNBC did when Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski began dating, ABC News forced the anchors out. At the time, both were divorcing their respective spouses, and the optics were too much for the network. Holmes later said they lost the “jobs [they] love because [they] love each other.”

Staff at the network reportedly hated Godwin’s management style. Their grumbling made ABC News a news story, something no broadcast journalism company wants. Despite the problems she faced, Godwin said she wished the network continued success.

Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the departure, taking a parting shot at both Godwin and the network itself. Trump fired off on Truth Social, his social media site, saying “GOOD RIDDANCE” regarding Godwin’s stepping down and suggesting it may have been linked to the “unfair reporting” of anything to do with him.

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