Dem Mayor Boasts Over A Whole Week of Reduced Crime

( – Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser is very proud of her latest achievement. She says violent crime in her city has fallen for a whole week. Unfortunately for her, the media isn’t as impressed by this turnaround as she thinks it should be.

On April 26, six people were wounded in a mass shooting outside a nightclub in Dupont, Washington, DC. Three days later, local CBS affiliate WUSA asked the mayor at a press conference if she had any comment on the incident. Incredibly, Bowser replied that was a question the media should be answering — then launched an astonishing complaint, saying journalists “didn’t report that we had like over a week where violence was down, homicide didn’t happen.” DC Police records show that the city went nine days without a homicide, between the deaths of 15-year-old Niomi Russell on April 13 and Quentin Brown, also 15, on April 25.

The surprising thing here isn’t that the capital managed to go a whole nine days without any of its residents killing each other; it’s that Bowser seemed to think this was worth reporting on. After all, a mere nine days without a murder isn’t actually something to boast about.

Many blasted Bowser for her insensitivity, seeing as the homicide-free streak she was so proud of was just an interlude between the killings of two children. A staffer from the conservative American Action Forum snarked on X (formerly Twitter), “A week with no homicides? Hope someone is organizing a parade.” Bank executive Shaun Ahmad called her “completely clueless” and condemned her for “bragging about ONE week without a homicide,” adding a sarcastic “congrats.”

So far this year, there have been 56 homicides in Washington, DC. That averages out at over three a week. Bowser can’t afford to get complacent about levels of violent crime in her city — and there’s certainly nothing to be proud of.

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