US-China Rift Deepens With “Clean Network”

US-China Rift Deepens With

American and Chinese tensions have seen steady growth since President Trump came to office. One could say it’s because China doesn’t like being stood up to. It’s about time someone does; and the US hopes more will join in the fight to free themselves from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) manipulation.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rolled out a “clean network,” as he continues his ongoing campaign to unite countries of the free world against Beijing’s exploitation. Pompeo has warned that these recent revelations regarding China are not isolated incidents, they form a pattern, one that multiple countries have drawn concerns over.

Pompeo claims the key to stopping the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is to loosen its grip on global infrastructure; something that has allowed the CCP to spy on the citizens of other nations, and steal personal data.

A clear threat to national and international security is China’s access to global data. This is where the Trump administration’s “Clean Network” initiative stems from, highlighting five key components that provide the vulnerabilities necessary for the PRC to steal global data.

  • Clean Carrier
  • Clean Apps
  • Clean Store
  • Clean Cloud
  • Clean Cable

This includes China’s access to US telecoms, and China pre-installing trusted apps on the phones they manufacture. While 30 countries and territories have apparently joined the movement, Mike Pompeo says it is crucial that as many countries as possible join.

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