Wuhan Makes News Again

Wuhan Makes News Again

Wuhan, China has been rather popular this year, but not necessarily in a good way. After being allegedly ground zero for the novel coronavirus, it quickly became the center of attention. Now after months of not being a part of headline news, Wuhan has sprung back onto the scene.

Tuesday, around 5:30 pm local time, an explosion at the Lanhua Silicone Co. killed six and injured four others. The factory is located in Xiantao, a city housing about 1.5 million citizens in the Hubei Province, sitting about 70 miles southwest of Wuhan.

More than 100 emergency personnel arrived as quickly as they could in search of survivors. The company has suspended production after being ordered to do so; officials have demanded a citywide inspection to ensure there are no potential hazards. Investigators are looking into what caused the explosion.

These types of accidents happen frequently in China, where safety regulations are either not enforced, or non-existent altogether. In March of 2019, 78 people were killed along with hundreds injured from an explosion at a chemical plant in the province of Jiangsu. Four months after that one another occurred at a gas plant in central China killing 15.

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