Barr Won’t Hold This Back

During an election year, the Department of Justice has a strict policy to follow. This is to ensure investigations and reports don’t interfere with an election; something the previous administration didn’t follow. Attorney General William Barr looks to do it by the book.

With the presidential election less than 100 days away, AG William Barr told lawmakers that the Durham Report would not be delayed. US Attorney John Durham is looking at the origins of an FBI probe into Trump’s possible ties to Russia. The investigation was electrified by information obtained by a former British spy and paid for by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton.

A member of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Debbie Murcasel-Powell (D-FL), tried to get a commitment from Barr to not release the report because of the election. To which the AG simply replied, “No.” When asked a second time he added, “No. I will be very careful.” Barr went on to tell the lawmaker that the DOJ will not interfere and that he and the department were not going to tolerate interference.

A statement backed by a memo Barr sent out in February said we must use great care in regards to sensitive investigations and prosecutions, especially during an election year.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows recently stated on Fox News that criminal charges were going to be coming from the investigation.

Barr has said that he doesn’t expect former President Obama and former VP Joe Biden will be directly led to in the investigation. He did say that Americans would recognize some of the names.

When asked for details involving the probe, Barr simply declined, stating that he can’t get into that.

Barr has proven to be a valuable asset to President Trump. He’s an Attorney General that is firm and by the book. Whatever is in the report Barr will make sure it gets out, and at the right time.

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