Warning! Don’t Open These Packages…

China has brought suspicion upon itself, first with not being completely transparent about the coronavirus. Other areas drawing criticism are the China-based app TikTok and recent events regarding the Chinese consulates in Houston and San Francisco. Now people have to worry about random mail sent to them from China.

Residents from across America have been receiving mysterious packages containing seeds. This has prompted many states to issue a warning urging citizens to not plant them.

The packaging typically has Chinese characters on the shipping label, inside is a sealed bag of unknown seeds. Some agriculture departments have stated that the seeds could be an invasive plant species, which could wreak havoc on native wildlife and plants.

The reason these packages are being sent is unknown. The origin of these packages trace back to China, but details of an exact location is yet to be determined.

Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has asked anyone that receives these packages to contact the Office of Plant Industry Services. Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio, South Carolina, and the state of Washington are among other agencies that issued warnings similar to that of Virginia.

What is it that China is attempting to achieve? They could potentially be using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity. Though sending over mysterious plants likely isn’t going to give them anything useful, unless it’s a form of sabotage. Even then what would they hope to gain? The deeper we dig into China the stranger things get.

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