College Ushers in “Mandatory” Tracking System

College Ushers in

As schools begin to open back up, they have to figure out a way to keep students and staff safe. Some schools are taking the bare minimum approach and following the guidelines given by the state and local governments. This school however, is taking things to the next level — some would say not in a good way.

Albion College, in an effort to safeguard their students against COVID-19, is mandating their students to download an app to create a “COVID bubble.”

The smartphone app requires students to stay within a 4.5-mile radius of Albion’s campus; if students step outside of the bubble, an alert will be sent to the school, and that student may be subject to a temporary suspension. Despite many schools calling for remote courses, Albion is offering in-person classes only. Remote courses could potentially devastate school budgets and enrollment, but it could also mitigate the spread of the virus.

Not everyone is happy about Albion’s decision regarding the app; both parents and students have expressed their dismay. One father, whose daughter is a student at Albion College stated that he was upset about the situation. He just wants to keep his daughter safe without an invasion of privacy.

A senior at Albion College, Andrew Arszulwicz, stated he was most upset about being treated like a five-year-old. Adding he feels like he’s being treated like he can’t follow the rules. He ended his argument stating that if the college believes masks work, students should be allowed to leave.

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