US Gears Up for War in a New Frontier

US Gears Up for War in a New Frontier

The US government, namely the military, may just be the most intense preppers in the world. They have a think tank that comes up with different scenarios and ways to approach them; they’re even prepared for zombies! So it’s no surprise that they see a potential threat and the need to prepare for it.

Something that gives the US military advantage on the battlefield is their technology, specifically that of space. Satellites provide the military with critical information regarding enemy locations, what armaments they have, and how many of them there are. This technology is something the US military leans heavily on, leading other countries to see it as a crutch. What happens when you take a crutch away from someone? They fall down, and the US is no different.

The US has recently been open about the threats encountered in space, making the incidents public. Air Force Major General John Shaw, recently described a “space torpedo” that was launched by Russia; he added that the US is ready to defend not only itself, but its allies as well. Army General James Dickinson, the first Army general to lead Space Command, stated that the US is dependent on its space capabilities.

Space Command and Space Force are both now focused on off-planet threats. Dickinson added that they’ll continue to monitor and call out those with possibly ill-intent. For some potential threats, this job is easier than others; Russia is more likely to publicly display its capabilities in order to discourage other nations, whereas China takes a much more secretive approach.

Space Force was initially looked at like an unnecessary addition, but now the need for it is crystal clear. We should be thankful that the US was already establishing something like this to stay ahead of the competition.

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