COVID Forces Aquarium to Drastic Measures

COVID Forces Aquarium to Drastic Measures

The coronavirus has caused millions of people and countless businesses to struggle. People and places are doing what they can to stay afloat, and in business. However, some may not have taken the extreme measure that an aquarium in North Carolina has.

The US is currently dealing with a coin shortage, likely due to the lack of circulation. However, we may now know where all those coins have been this whole time. The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores wrote on its Facebook page that they had to turn off their 30-foot waterfall, in order to collect coins.

The facility needed to pay its bills, and with being shut down for six months, there wasn’t exactly a steady flow of money coming in. The facility claimed to have collected “100 gallons” of coins, and urged their followers to guess how much the haul was worth, adding they would reveal the answer at the end of the week.

Photos show staff members collecting coins and putting them into buckets; coins that they say have likely been in the water for years. The money is going towards the general care of the aquarium and the animals it houses.

Many Americans are struggling, businesses are failing, and everyone is trying their best to survive in the age of the coronavirus. Thankfully, this aquarium had a hidden nest egg to fall back on. Not everyone else is so lucky right now.

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