The End of Ownership: Globalists’ Audacious Plan to Transform Cities!

In our world today, some wealthy and influential people forget the free society that helped them succeed. They continue to enjoy the benefits of these societies, but they’re not content with the amount of power they already have.

You may have heard of the World Economic Forum (WEF). It was started by a businessman named Klaus Schwab. He has suggested that nobody should own anything privately anymore and wants to control everything. The WEF wants to change how Western countries are run, making them more like China’s government. There’s news that a WEF partner wants to stop people from owning cars. This would mean we’d all have to live in huge, crowded cities because we wouldn’t be able to get around on our own.

They say this would help solve climate change, which has threatened to destroy the world for the last 50 years. “But give up your car, you silly person, and trust the experts,” says Catherine Salgado from PJ Media.

She told us more about the group: Arup Group is partnered with the WEF. In 2019, they said we should all stop using clothes, cars, electronics, and food so much – unless you’re one of the elites. They think if we don’t, climate change will end the world. But they seem to forget that carbon is vital for all life on Earth. More carbon can help plants grow better, and humans and animals need it too. But Arup and the WEF don’t seem to care about the facts. They want to make everyone poorer and themselves more powerful.

Interestingly, Catherine Salgado mentioned that there’s been no global warming in the last eight years. A recent study found that CO2 from fossil fuels isn’t enough to cause global warming. So private cars aren’t causing a climate crisis.

But Catherine added that the Arup Group and their supporters – the University of Leeds, C40 Cities, and Citi Foundation – don’t seem to care about the facts. Even though a lot of data disproves global warming, it seems like they want to make everyone rely on the elites to get around.

This fits the WEF’s idea of having a digital ID/social credit score. This would be necessary for most things we do and buy. They also dream of a world where nobody owns anything privately. In this world, the government would control everything we need, Catherine pointed out.

Here are some quotes from the Arup Group’s 2019 report: They said that cities need to change what buildings and infrastructure are made of. They also said that nobody should own a car privately anymore. Instead, we should all share vehicles that use fewer materials and last longer. They also want people in cities to eat primarily plants, stop flying, use clothes and textiles differently, and keep their electronics and household appliances longer.

C40 cities need to do what they promised in their Deadline 2020 commitments. This means they need to cut their emissions in half by 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2050. To do this, they must reduce emissions from six areas: buildings and infrastructure; food; private transport; clothing and textiles; aviation; and electronics and household appliances.

Catherine Salgado commented jokingly: “No steak or nice clothes for you. You will have nothing and be grateful to your generous leaders, who plan to give up all their comforts, right? Like how they fly their private jets to fancy places to complain about emissions?”