DOJ Names “Anarchist Jurisdictions”… Is Your Town Next?

DOJ Names “Anarchist Jurisdictions”... Is Your Town Next?

President Trump has stated federal funding would be withheld from cities and local governments that refuse to condemn the riots and violent protests. Of course, there was criticism from Trump’s opposing parties regarding the suggestion. Chaos continues to ravage cities and citizens; President Trump hopes to put an end to that.

Three major cities have been designated by the Department of Justice (DOJ) as “anarchist jurisdictions.” The official designation came on September 20 and included Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and New York City, NY. The three locations made the list of federally funded cities that continue to allow riots and violence.

The cities included on the list were added after being reviewed and assessed against a number of criteria by the DOJ. The criteria included whether or not law enforcement in that area was prevented from doing their job and if law enforcement was taken out of the area completely. If law enforcement has been defunded or disempowered, and if the area in question refused federal law enforcement assistance, the area would also be put on the list.

President Trump and AG Barr don’t want taxpayer dollars going to cities where the people no longer feel safe. As of now, it’s only three major cities, but it could easily turn into more.

There’s no saying where or when riots could happen again, so the need for us to prepare is greater than ever. Civil unrest has already found its way to the US, so act now and get ready because it’s likely to get worse the closer to the election we get.

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