Trump Targeted for Assassination, Prepare NOW

Trump Targeted for Assassination, Prepare NOW

It’s not unusual for a president to be targeted by at least a few people during their presidency. Thankfully, officials managed to thwart another recent attempt, and President Trump was not in immediate danger. Although rare, this type of event could happen to anyone, except we don’t all have the same protections as the president.

A woman, whose name has not been released, was arrested by US Customs and Border Protection after being suspected of sending a letter addressed to the White House that contained the poison ricin. The woman was arrested at the Peace Bridge border crossing and is likely to face federal charges.

Employees at a screening facility, where mail addressed to the White House is inspected before being forwarded to the president and other officials, found the poisoned letter. Canada’s Royal Mounted Police have stated that the letter seemed to originate in Canada.

Would-be assassins have used ricin to target President Trump, former President Obama, top military leaders and administration officials in the past. In 2018 a US Navy veteran sent envelopes containing ricin to President Trump and officials within his administration. In 2014 Shannon Richardson, a Walking Dead actress, sent letters containing ricin to New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, as well as then-President Obama.

This is a threat that could potentially hit any of us, especially since it’s easily sent through the mail system. Ricin is a dangerous poison that is derived from castor beans; even a small amount in the form of powder, pellets or mist can be deadly to adults.

It would be hard to prepare for this type of attack without the correct equipment and a detailed analysis of your mail. Hopefully, no one will ever send ricin-laced letters to a mass amount of people.

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