Former CIA Mole Charged

Former CIA Mole Charged

It’s like something out of a spy movie, at least that’s what the prosecutors charging the mole said the method they used was. This, however, is reality — one where a man betrayed his employer, and his country. Who knows, maybe the operation will become a book or movie one day.

Alexander Yuk Ching Ma, the 67-year-old who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for 15 years, was charged on Monday for selling US secrets. The FBI got Ma to unknowingly admit to his crimes with a sting operation.

Documents from the court show that Alexander broke US espionage laws. Twelve years after his retirement in 1989 Ma met with a minimum of five officers of the Chinese Ministry of State Security in a hotel room in Hong Kong; there he passed on highly classified information regarding US national defense.

The identities of CIA operatives and human assets, along with information about the CIA’s internal organization, and methods of covert communications were also given to the Chinese.

Ma was born in Hong Kong and stated that he wanted “the motherland to succeed.” Ma’s relative also worked for the CIA and spied  for China later on; though, he was not charged due to “an advanced debilitating cognitive disease.” This is just one of several setbacks the US has faced recently while attempting to spy on China.

Ma is facing conspiracy to communicate national defense information to a foreign nation, he’s looking at life in prison if he is convicted.

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