Professor Forces Liberal Indoctrination

Professor Forces Liberal Indoctrination

For a group that preaches about tolerance, and accuses anyone who opposes their ideology of being fascist, liberals sure are intolerant. This is about a gross abuse of power and violation of our First Amendment rights. The professor in question should research the definition of fascism.

Professor Chloe Clark, who teaches English at Iowa State University, threatened to dismiss anyone in her class who spoke against the Black Lives Matter movement, abortions, and other liberal ideologies. She inserted the “Giant Warning” into her English 250 class syllabus.

She accused people who oppose her ideology and the left-leaning orthodoxy, of believing that one side doesn’t deserve the same basic human rights as they do. She went so far as to not allow her students to write papers going against liberal beliefs, her examples given were BLM, abortion, and gay marriage.

Thankfully Iowa State University has some common sense and recognized the violation of students’ 1A rights. In a statement, the school said that the syllabus was inconsistent with university standards. They added that Professor Clark was given First Amendment training materials, and stated the university was committed to protecting its students’ 1A rights.

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) reported that a professor wielding this kind of power was a perfect example of blatant discrimination and suppression of conservative students. YAF added this was a “gross abuse of power.”

Liberals and leftists may want to start practicing what they preach, their hypocrisy is starting to show more and more. They shame anyone who they believe is “intolerant” yet they themselves are often the most intolerant, especially to opposing ideas.

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