As Civil Unrest Threatens Nation, Biden Aims for Guns

Gun Control: Biden Weak on Crime

Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, has more than solidified his stance on guns in America. He wasted no time taking to Twitter to push a gun control narrative. President Trump later used the post as an opportunity to show weakness in his opponent.

It took Biden less than 24 hours, after two deputies of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were ambushed and critically injured, to post a tweet suggesting a ban on assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines.

Biden earlier stated that the shooter should be caught and punished, adding anyone committing a violent act needed to be brought to justice.

The two deputies, a 31-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man, were taken into surgery on September 12th. Hospital staff at St. Francis Medical Center confirmed both were in “critical condition” a short time later.

According to reports, the bullets missed vital organs. Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva stated their injuries likely aren’t life-threatening.

The president quickly used Biden’s statement to point out his weakness on crime, drawing attention to the fact that he isn’t strong in law and order. In fact, the Democratic leader’s stance starkly contrasts with that of President Trump, who firmly backs police.

The commander-in-chief also called for the death penalty for the shooter if the deputies die. It’s the only way to stop these crimes, he added.

Biden’s tweet shows he is more likely to blame the gun in these situations, rather than the person pulling the trigger. We all know that a firearm alone cannot kill someone. So, why is it so often blamed?

Consider this irrational stance when you vote in November.

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