Kim Jong-Un: Japan… What Comes Next?

Kim Jong-Un: Japan... What Comes Next?

International relations between several countries have been changing over the course of this year. Some countries are finding peace, while others are near turmoil. For Japan and North Korea, no one truly knows what’s in store for the future.

Japan, on September 14, had its first leader change in almost 8 years. Following the resignation of Shinzo Abe 2 weeks ago, North Korea had remained silent about the change of power. Many people speculate that the North was waiting to engage Japan’s new leader after they were announced. Monday, Shinzo Abe officially stepped down, and Yoshihide Suga became prime minister.

Former Chief Cabinet Secretary and longtime Abe lieutenant, Yoshihide Suga looks forward to meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Suga hopes to talk with Kim and figure out how the countries can move forward together.

Hopefully this change in power doesn’t reset any relations Japan and North Korea have already established. If the election goes in President Trump’s favor in November, we may see another summit between Kim and Trump. Denuclearization of North Korea is a main focal point in US-North Korea negotiations leading to Tokyo and Pyongyang negotiations.

Should the election see Biden become president, North Korea may have to start from scratch. This could make it harder for the North and Japan to negotiate.

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