Heavily Armed Militia Ups Ante

Heavily Armed Militia Ups Ante

Peaceful protesting is a right of every American citizen. In fact, it is encouraged. While no violence occurred over the weekend, it was almost as if the protestors were looking for it.

Around 1,000 armed militia members marched through Stone Mountain Park in Georgia on Saturday. All of whom were black, as Grand Master Jay, leader of the Not F**cking Around Coalition (NFAC) told Newsweek. The militia marched through the park challenging white nationalists to either come out and fight them or join them.

The group was peaceful and orderly for the most part, though they did stop to harass one individual in a car.

They were escorted by police as stated by Stone Mountain State Park officials. The militia was calling for the removal of the country’s largest Confederate monument.

Grand Master Jay stated that they were not protestors, that they were a militia, adding they didn’t come to sing and dance. When asked why NFAC members had been seen alongside demonstrators, Jay stated it was for security purposes.

He told Newsweek that the formation of their militia was to send a message about abolishing statues. What about the one in Stone Mountain State Park? The Confederate carving made from quartz depicts Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, and two Southern generals, Stonewall Jackson and the infamous Robert E. Lee.

Grand Master Jay said he needed to commend the Stone Mountain police for allowing the militia to exercise their constitutional rights on the 4th of July, and for offering their support.
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