Iran Seeking Allies to Fight US

Tensions between the US and foreign powers such as Iran, China, and Russia have prompted an unprecedented response— negotiations that may see a tip on the International power scale.

A new push to form an international coalition against the US comes as Iran seeks to extend a 20-year deal with Russia and as the Islamic Republic talks about a 25-year deal with China. Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javid Zarif, arrived in Moscow on Tuesday, hoping to negotiate the renewal of the two-decade agreement. This was following a landmark deal that involved oil and arms sales. The contents of the deal were not made public.

The collaboration between Tehran, Moscow, and Beijing draw concerns that experts say could challenge the US’ attempt to maintain international influence. Washington has concerns that this relationship could reshape the international balance of power. The US has attempted to hinder its strategic competitors with sanctions of varying degrees.

Russia, China, and Iran have all responded with defiance. All three have engaged in unprecedented naval exercises in the Indian Ocean, despite tensions being high in the Persian Gulf.

The US is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic as well as civil unrest, while managing a recession and pursuing hardline unilateral foreign policies. This is creating the conditions necessary for the three countries to find a common ground.

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