Armed Militia Opens Fire

Armed Militia Opens Fire

Saturday, during a planned protest in Louisville, Kentucky, three people were hospitalized. Fortunately, none of the three injuries were life-threatening. This does bring up questions about these groups protesting.

Racial justice groups have been at it daily since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her apartment in March by police. Thus far the groups have remained peaceful, that is until the events that unfolded Saturday.

Police were on high-alert, acknowledging the potential for violence from the “Not F****ing Around Coalition” (NFAC). They are a group of heavily armed militia dressing in all black who claim to be defending the Constitution, and condemning Taylor’s death.

Around 1 pm, shots rang out near Baxter Square Park. Protestors scattered and hid behind cars in an attempt to escape. The shots fired were from a member of the NFAC. Those injured included members of the NFAC as well.

One NFAC member spoke to groups of protestors after the incident stating, “we had a little accident, it happens.” The three people injured were sent to the University of Louisville Hospital. According to the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), the injuries were not life-threatening.

A group that claims to “not be messing around”, sure seems to be disproving itself. While this may very well have been an accident, negligence with a firearm can bring catastrophic results. A group claiming to be made up of ex-military and other highly trained individuals, is proving otherwise.

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