Joe Rogan to Host Debate

Joe Rogan to Host Debate

The Democrats have voiced their opinion against having additional presidential debates. Could you imagine having an election to decide who becomes the most powerful person in the world without adequate debates? It’s time for Democrats to get their act together and put America first.

Many on the Right speculate Democrats would like to see Joe Biden sit out the debates with President Trump. Their excuse seems to be the Commander in Chief’s alleged habit of making false statements.

The Trump campaign attempted to add a debate before the early voting started to allow the American people to see the two of them battling it out before mailing in their votes. However, the offer was rejected by the commission with the apparent support of Democrats.

Retired mixed martial artist Tim Kennedy followed up on the debate issue on Sept. 13 using his massive audience on Twitter.

Kennedy tweeted that Joe Rogan, the former host of Fear Factor and current mixed martial arts color commentator, offered to host a four-hour debate between Trump and Biden.

Kennedy promoted the idea, describing it as an opportunity for the two men to share their vision for America. He concluded, tweeting, “Who wants this?” prompting a retweet from the president taking him up on the offer.

Of course, it’s unlikely Biden would accept the offer, and even less likely, the Leftists who have taken over the DNC would let him. Too bad. It could have been an opportunity for Progressives to lay out their plan for everyone to see.

It seems they’re determined to keep Biden in the basement as much as possible. It’s a pity. America deserves better.

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