North Korea Makes Dangerous Moves

North Korea Makes Dangerous Moves

The leaders in North Korea really have terrible timing when it comes to announcing their intentions. They wait for the perfect moment to flex their muscles. This time around, the authoritarian country is throwing out some pretty big threats.

June 12th marked the two-year anniversary of a then-unprecedented summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and President Trump. The two-year anniversary, however, did not come and go quietly.

Instead, it was a day of troublesome news with Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon accusing the US of breaking promises. Those promises were made two years ago at the summit and he blamed the Trump administration for destroying North Korea’s dreams of peace.

Kim Jong-un and President Trump have had “special chemistry” which is celebrated by the North Korean people. Despite this, the North Korean leader’s sister Kim Yo Jong warns that state affairs shouldn’t be based on this relationship, adding that neither prediction nor expectations should be based on the leaders’ relations.

These comments came after Kim Jong-Un escalated tension between Washington and Pyongyang by threatening to deploy a “new strategic weapon”. In the wake of escalating tensions, Kim Yo Jong has issued threats military action against South Korea, rasing the stakes of a new war in the region.

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