Prepping With Older Family Members

Prepping With Older Family Members

The first priority when prepping is the safety of your family. Some families stay together through generations, and some have to take care of their grandparents or parents. Older members of the family have different needs than those of younger ones.

Prepping with an older member of the family isn’t much different from what you would normally do. However, you may need to make some adjustments to accommodate the elderly person. If you plan to bug out, consider whether they will be able to keep up and carry their weight, as some may not. Don’t assume they can carry a 30- to 60-pound pack on their back all day.

An unfortunate side effect of getting old is the amount of health problems that can arise. Be sure to have any medicines your elderly family member needs. Another aspect that comes with growing old is knowledge and wisdom; these are important in any situation. As an elderly person, they may not be able to do physical tasks as efficiently, but they may be able to provide valuable information.

First-aid and CPR are both important to know, as well, for every member of the family. Be sure to think ahead and keep quiet about your plan. If you haven’t devised one yet, check out how to create a family plan and get started. Better late than never.

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