Prioritizing For 2021

Prioritizing For 2021

2020 has been a rough year for many people, but it’s finally coming to an end. Unfortunately, 2021 doesn’t hold much promise and will likely continue the trends set this year. Before you head into the new year, you should take the time to make a few preparations.

Economic Ruin

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the nation’s economies. The stock market has made somewhat of a recovery. However, the US economy sustained severe damage, and the country could be looking at another recession or a depression.

Additionally, a new administration could take over on January 20, 2020. Team Biden has already made clear their intention to phase out fossil fuels, and such a plan could deal a severe blow to the energy industry and the global economy. With the pandemic and a possible reactionary administration, the US faces a strong probability of the economy imploding. So, you need to be ready.

Firearm Restrictions

It’s no surprise the Second Amendment has remained under attack throughout 2020. Many people are hoping 2021 sets a new trend. But let’s be realistic. The Biden administration will be going after our guns from day one. Additionally, you better brace yourself for increased firearm taxes, new restrictions, and potential confiscations.

Job Loss

Many have already lost their jobs due to the coronavirus, and many more likely will in the coming months. The full extent of damage done to the economy and industry has yet to be fully realized. At this point, no one’s job is secure. So it’s essential to try to save some money in case you lose your job. After all, new employment will be harder to find in a damaged economy.

Be sure to check out this article about the fundamentals of survival and build your prep around them. Preparation is the best way to make sure your family stays safe, especially when no one knows what to expect.

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