Russian Forces Clash With US Military

Russian Forces Clash With US Military

Russian and American military rarely confront each other directly, but when they do it makes headlines. Afterall, these are the two main powers in the world, when they clash it causes global concern. The thing is, people will immediately jump to conclusions, and make the situation potentially worse.

News of a confrontation between US and Russian forces broke on Wednesday, August 26. A video of an American MRAP and a Russian vehicle colliding was posted on a Russian nationalist website,, later being extensively retweeted. Interactions between Russian and American forces are actually very common, but actual confrontations are considered to be rare.

A defense official from the US told BBC News that the Russian forces had entered a security zone Russia had previously agreed to stay out of. The crew of the vehicle that was struck sustained minor injuries, as reported by the White House.

Russia’s defense ministry claims to have given the US a warning that Russian forces would be patrolling in the area. The ministry stated that despite the incident, the US forces tried to block the patrol, in violation of existing agreements. Russia has been present in Syria since 2016, and has supplied the Syrian government with armaments.

The Russian vehicle striking the American vehicle caused the US crew to suffer injury, as reported by the White House National Security Council (NSC). Politico was told by an unnamed US military source that the four US troops involved in the accident sustained mild concussions. John Ullyot condemned the actions of the Russian forces and stated that after the incident the coalition patrol left the area to deescalate the situation.

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