“Unsurvivable” Hurricane Makes Landfall

At 2 a.m. on August 27, hurricane Laura hit land. Dubbed a Cat 4 by the National Hurricane Center at the time of arrival, Laura brought with her 150 mph winds. But that wasn’t the biggest concern. The Gulf Coast is home to several areas that are already classified as below sea level, making rain a bigger threat than usual.

The video footage above reveals graphic details of the storm that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Hurricane Laura is classified as a Cat 1 at the time of this writing, but her dangers are expected to reach even the upper midwest. At least one victim has already been claimed by the storm. One young 14-year-old girl is now deceased after a tree hit her home.

We urge all of our readers to evacuate as directed, and to otherwise make the usual hurricane preparations before checking with neighbors and loved ones to make sure they are prepared. Avoid travel if possible, in order to make it easier for clean up crews and first responders to have full access to areas in need.

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