Senator Stands Against “Unpatriotic” Act

Senator Stands Against

While some crafty senators look to disrupt, or disregard, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, there are still some taking a stand. It just so happens most of the ones taking the Constituents’ side are Republican. This senator respects American values and the rights that come with citizenship.

~ The Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, condemned the H.R. 6172 bill, also known as the USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act of 2020. The bill is set to reauthorize certain expired powers of the Patriot Act, allowing the federal government to perform surveillance on American citizens without a warrant.

~ He offered an amendment of H.R 6172 to protect the privacy of Americans, ensure due process, help protect the integrity of elections, and reassert the Fourth Amendment. The amendment would still allow the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) to order the surveillance of non-Americans.

He also stated the government should acquire a warrant to surveil an American. Any evidence gained from unwarranted surveillance would be prohibited under the amendment as well, while allowing Americans to use such evidence in their defense.

With government overreach a cause for concern across the country, seeing Paul take a stand for our Constitutional rights is a breath of fresh air. Keep a watchful eye on the bureaucracy, both locally and in Washington. Once they take away freedom, we will be hard-pressed to get it back.

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