Wildfires Threaten National Treasure

Wildfires Threaten National Treasure

Wildfires ravage land in the US every year, destroying houses, businesses, and wildlife. The houses and businesses can be rebuilt, wildlife can typically recover, but some treasures can take a lifetime to come back — if they recover at all. One such national treasure will hopefully make a full recovery from the recent natural disaster.

As massive wildfires burn through Northern California, ancient redwoods were caught in the blaze. Thankfully, most seem to have survived. In Big Basin Redwoods State Park, a reporter hiking through the area confirmed that most of the massive centuries-old giants survived. A tree known as the “Mother of the Forest” is among the survivors.

After the fires devastated the park last week, the status of the trees was in question. Images captured by the Associated Press show some redwoods taking extensive damage. However, this isn’t the first fire these trees have seen; after all, some of these redwoods are 2,000 years old. These trees have possibly seen events worse than this; scars from past fires can be seen on the trees that survived.

Much of California has been affected by these fires which came as a result of thousands of lightning strikes. The state has mobilized over 14,000 firefighters to help handle the situation. President Donald Trump signed a disaster declaration on Saturday, but remains critical of the state’s forest management.

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