Evidence Shows “Peaceful Protests” Are Anything But

Nationwide protests have taken place frequently since the death of George Floyd. Many of America’s largest cities have seen the more extreme side of these protests, with places like Portland, Oregon seeing violent demonstrations for two months, consecutively.

Riots once again broke out over the weekend in Seattle. Nearly five dozen officers were injured, including cuts, burns, bruises, and one officer suffered a torn meniscus. Protestors left an 8-inch hole in the side of police’s East District precinct, after throwing an explosive at the building. Rioters were also seen setting fire to a portable trailer.

After declaring the demonstration a riot, OC spray, sponge rounds, and blast balls were used by police to disperse the crowd. Police say 47 people were arrested on counts of assaulting an officer, obstruction, and failure to disperse.

Businesses were boarded up by owners and employees at the start of the weekend in fear of large-scale protests, rioting, and looting. Their properties had already suffered last week at the hands of vandals.

The “peaceful” protestors have pushed the blame for violence onto the police. They were accused of using excessive force— rioters posted pictures of injuries allegedly caused by dispersal equipment on social media.

If these protests and demonstrations were truly peaceful, why would shops have to reinforce their windows? Businesses wouldn’t be fearful of peaceful protests. Police wouldn’t sustain injuries of any kind during a peaceful protest. Cities certainly wouldn’t see arson of this magnitude. There’s one simple answer: these are not peaceful demonstrations.

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