Biden Gets ‘Destroyed’ By Fact Checker

President Joe Biden recently took too Twitter to assert that he had outperformed all previous Presidents in job creation. However, Twitter’s Community Notes promptly subjected his claims to a fact check and revealed that his post was deceptive. It is crucial to examine the actual events surrounding this incident in greater detail.

The Claim. Biden tweeted, “This is what happens when you invest in America. We have more work to do – but this is real progress,” along with a chart that shows his job creation stats compared to previous Presidents, going back to Reagan.

As per the statistics presented in the chart, President Biden’s job creation rate has been nearly 500,000 on average per month since his inauguration, which is considerably higher than that of his predecessors.

The Fact Check. Twitter’s Community Notes provides a collaborative platform for users to offer additional information and background to posts. On this occasion, readers swiftly highlighted that Biden’s job creation figures were not notably higher than those of previous Presidents. The chart presented by Biden merely depicts the recovery of jobs after the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that had taken place during the previous administration of Donald Trump.

It is crucial to highlight that President Biden and his team were cognizant of the information at hand. Nevertheless, they made a conscious effort to deceive the American people by selectively choosing data to construct a narrative that lacks complete accuracy.

The Community Notes system serves as an effective mechanism to diminish the likelihood of biased sources influencing the fact-checking process. The platform enables diverse contributors to rate notes as helpful, resulting in the most agreed-upon notes being publicly visible on a tweet.