Did You Know This is a Survival Tree?

Did You Know This is a Survival Tree?

It’s no surprise that trees are useful in survival situations. They offer us shelter from the rain, fuel for our fires, and some trees produce fruits or nuts that we can eat. However, this tree may come as a surprise.

The willow tree is usually found in damp, swampy climates and can provide you with water when tapped for this reason. The willow tree also contains a compound known as salicin, which is the active ingredient in aspirin, offering natural pain relief.

Thanks to the willow tree’s flexible yet strong bark and branches, it can be used to make fishing traps for shellfish and fish alike. The branches can also be used to make bows.

The thinner branches on a willow tree that give it its iconic name can be braided into strong cordage. The willow can also provide you with a quick shelter to help you stay dry in the rain.

Feel like you may have a cold coming on? Check out this tree that can help soothe your cough so you can get back to whatever you need to be doing.

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