Famous Hollywood Actor Spills The Beans: Entertainment Industry’s Dark Trends

The well-known actor and musician Tyrese Gibson has been in the news recently. He’s been talking about his Christian faith and sharing worries about certain things happening in the showbiz world.

Tyrese Gibson recently had an honest chat with Big Boy from the popular radio show “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” and Real 92.3 L.A. They didn’t just talk about his new film or music but also his problems with the way the industry seemed to be cheering on the wrong things. He used a bold word to describe this: “the devil.”

He first talked about how he doesn’t like how things are going at celebrity award shows. According to Gibson, these shows seem to be “making the devil normal.” He mentioned that the devil seems to be on the main stage at these events and in music videos. There are often signs and symbols too.

He said, “They’re really trying to push the devil, and it’s making me really mad.” What’s really interesting is that Gibson says this wasn’t always how things were in Hollywood. He says there used to be people who believed in the devil, but they kept it a secret and hid in basements. But now, it seems like they’re not afraid to show their beliefs.

Big Boy agreed with him. He said you could see images and signs of the devil not only at award shows but also on devices like TVs, cell phones, computers, and iPads.

So, what does Gibson think we should do about this? He thinks the answer lies in God. He wants Christians to talk more about how important God is in their lives. He thinks they should take their relationship with Jesus seriously, not just talk about it before they go to bed.

Gibson thinks that believers should spend their whole lives trying to understand God better. He said, “We should always be searching… I’m just a person who is amazed by what God has done in my life, even when I’ve made a lot of mistakes.”

He then shared a special message from God: “I’m still with you.” After that, they talked about other things. They spoke about the sad passing of actor Paul Walker and director John Singleton. Both of them were part of the “Fast & Furious” movies.

All of this comes at a time when people are worried that the entertainment industry is showing too much of the wrong stuff. There are some examples of this, like Sam Smith’s scary performance at the Grammys, Lil Nas X’s shocking music video, and a movie called “Little Demon” about a child who is supposed to be the son of Satan. These are just a few ways that this concern is showing up in the world of entertainment.