Globalists Are Coming For Your Food

The world is in the midst of a transition to “green” living, and plant-based diets are becoming a prominent feature of this shift. There are growing concerns over the impact of meat and dairy production on global warming, leading to a push towards plant-based foods. This push has gained momentum in recent times, with New York City Mayor Eric Adams leading the charge for his city to cut out meat and dairy by 2030 to achieve the city’s emissions goals.

Several other urban centers around the world are also joining in the movement towards phasing out meat and dairy, with numerous mayors committing to decreasing their cities’ food emissions by 33% in the next seven years. This initiative aims to encourage private sector members to lower their food emissions by 25% during the same time frame.

Mayor Adams’ announcement that New York City’s food-based emissions must drop by at least 33 percent by 2030 has sparked a debate on the feasibility of this proposal. While some experts have lauded the move, others view it as an attempt by globalists to deprive ordinary people of their food, leaving them with little choice but to eat crickets, cockroaches, and other alternative sources of protein.

Despite encountering resistance, Mayor Adams remains resolute in his commitment to advocating for plant-based diets. This is exemplified by his implementation of plant-based meal choices as the main food selection in hospitals and schools. He argues that his personal experience confirms the advantages of a plant-based diet, which he believes is superior to meat and dairy in improving physical and mental health and reducing the effects of climate change.

However, critics such as Marc Morano, author of “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown,” have warned that the push towards plant-based diets is part of a broader agenda by globalists to control people’s eating habits. They view it as a step towards ushering the human herd into permanent slavery, including food slavery, during the next seven-year Shemitah cycle, which begins this year.

Morano also noted that globalists are preparing to observe people’s diets to ensure they align with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scoring policies, which are becoming a norm in globalism. He predicts that restrictions on high-yield agriculture are also imminent, with the aim of collapsing them.