Heartbreaking: Wedding Bus Crash, Many Dead And Injured

A shocking bus accident took place in Australia this week. It caused the deaths of ten people who had just celebrated a wedding. The dreadful crash happened when the bus they were traveling in turned over. This disaster is much like a sad event in America half a decade ago.

The bus was packed, with 53 guests returning to their hotels after enjoying the wedding party. The accident occurred around 11:30 at night at a traffic circle.

Right after the accident, the police took the driver into custody. However, they have not shared what charges they might bring against him.

The police are trying to figure out what caused this accident. They are looking at things like the foggy weather and if the bus was going too fast.

Australia’s leader, Anthony Albanese, spoke about the accident. He said it was unfortunate and unfair that such a happy day ended horribly.

The bus was picked up on purpose to ensure everyone was safe while traveling.

“It’s hard even to imagine how tragic this is,” he added.

This terrible event resembles a wedding party accident in New York, USA 2018. It killed 20 people. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) discovered that Prestige Limousine, the company that owned the vehicle, didn’t care enough about safety.

They said that the company didn’t keep the vehicle in good condition. The brakes were horrible. Because of this, the car went down a hill fast, over 100 miles per hour, and hit two people walking by.

The Transportation and Motor Vehicles Departments of New York said that the investigation showed how far Prestige went to break the law. They even made false reports about how safe their vehicles were.

Both departments mentioned that they had asked for that specific vehicle to be taken off the road many times.

After the crash, New York made new rules. They now remove limousines that are not in good condition from the road and require all long limousines to have seat belts.

Nauman Hussain, who ran the company, was found guilty of causing deaths by not being careful. He might have to go to prison for between five to fifteen years.