How Long Canned Food Really Lasts…

With all the problems we’ve been having recently, you can’t help but ask yourself if there will be a food shortage. Considering how expensive groceries are and that production in meat packaging has slowed down tremendously since last year; failing farms, labor shortages, and Covid, which led us into tumultuous political times–it doesn’t seem too far-fetched at this point!

This video touches on key points like:
– How you store your food matters
– How to tell if something is not safe to eat
– Most canned foods last many years past the expirations
– Different foods have different risks past the expiration

I never thought it could happen, but with recent events in mind and the steep rise of food prices…well, who knows? Let’s not kid ourselves here. We need to take action before things get even worse!

You may be surprised at how much food you already have in your pantry and refrigerator. But, the question is: How long can YOU live off of this stored product? To find out, measure out three months’ worth of rations per person for three meals per day. Then after that, multiply that to build up a year’s supply–or more!

The time to invest in your food supply is now! So get educated, and you’ll be able to feed yourself & your family should there ever be an emergency.