Liberal Mayor Demanding Federal Aid to Combat Crime Surge

San Francisco, a city with a long-standing reputation for far-left policies, is now experiencing an uptick in crime, drug addiction, and homelessness. In response, Mayor London Breed has written a letter to U.S. Attorney Ismail J. Ramsey requesting federal assistance to address the city’s “unprecedented police staffing shortage” and the ongoing public safety challenges.

Despite the current predicament, Breed’s letter did not mention her previous support for policies that reduced criminal penalties and scaled back funding for police. However, the mayor is now recognizing the consequences of her past actions and is advocating for more funding for law enforcement agencies.

The city has been grappling with several public safety challenges, such as an overdose epidemic driven by fentanyl, property crimes in commercial and residential neighborhoods, open-air drug dealing, and increasing gun violence. The situation has become so dire that the mayor is now seeking federal aid to tackle the problem.

Although the mayor did not specify what assistance she is seeking, she did emphasize that local law enforcement is accomplishing its best to enforce prevent drug dealing but lacks the capacity to deal with the scale of the problem. Mayor Breed is now looking towards the Department of Justice to provide ongoing support to arrest and prosecute drug dealers.

San Francisco’s far-left policies have been in place for over two decades, and during this time, the city’s homelessness, drug abuse, cost of living, and the city budget have skyrocketed. The city has even proposed a plan that would distribute payments of $5 million each to Black residents without any plan to absorb the staggering cost.

While the federal government has yet to provide a response to the mayor’s letter, spokesperson Abraham Simmons has confirmed that they will be meeting with the mayor to discuss concerns.