Look Who Pledges to Eliminate “Deep State” in Fiery Iowa Speech

In a passionate speech delivered to a massive audience in Iowa on Monday night, President Trump pledged to obliterate the deep state and called his quest for a second term the “final battle.”

According to Trump, the current state of affairs is straightforward; his adversaries are anxious to stop him because they understand he is the only one capable of stopping them.

“I will terminate the unelected bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system,” Trump stated, and added, “I will instruct the Justice Department to investigate Marxist prosecutor’s offices to hold them accountable for their illegal race-based law enforcement.”

Trump also pointed out that there were many racists in these offices. “If you return me to the White House, I assure you that the reign of the corrupt Washington establishment will come to an end,” Trump promised the crowd.

Trump also talked about disbanding the Department of Education.

While Trump’s words inspired many, others noted that it was not the first time he had made these promises.

Eliminating the deep state: Trump has long been critical of what he sees as the “deep state,” an alleged shadowy government network that controls the country from behind the scenes. Trump believes that eliminating the deep state will be his greatest victory.

Unelected bureaucrats: Trump believes that there are many bureaucrats in the government who were not elected but wield enormous power. He has pledged to remove them from power to decrease their influence.

Marxist prosecutor’s offices: Trump believes that there are many Marxist prosecutor’s offices in the country that engage in illegal race-based law enforcement. He intends to investigate and hold them accountable for their actions.

Disbanding the Department of Education: Trump has expressed his opposition to the Department of Education, and he wants to disband it to give more control over education to the states.

The final battle: Trump sees his re-election campaign as the final battle against the corrupt Washington establishment. He believes that victory in the next election will enable him to accomplish his objectives, and he is confident that he can achieve it.