Modern Survival Tips

Our mission and purpose at Modern Survival is to help people prepare for the unknown. Modern Survival helps keep its members informed, protected, happy and healthy no matter what they encounter. Enjoy these tips as you prep for the future. To Your Survival!

What’s the First Thing You Should Do After Buying a Gun?

(Modern – After purchasing a new gun, most gun owners want to immediately head out to the range and test it out. Practicing with a new firearm will help its owner become familiar with it, but there are a few steps to consider before putting it to use. Read the Owner’s Manual Reading the […]

How to Make a Spring Pole Trap

(Modern – In a survival scenario, hunting game can be a long, drawn-out process. Not only is hunting time-consuming, it’s also an activity that can burn vital calories. Therefore, learning how to passively trap animals for food is essential. Before trying any primitive traps, check local and state laws. Trapping is illegal in many […]

Using Old Tires For Survival

(Modern – One of the greatest skills a survivalist can develop is the ability to improvise. Improvisation means creating something useful from items other people see as trash. In a post-apocalyptic world, the ability to improvise will be an invaluable asset. In the meantime, finding alternative uses for everyday items could save you money […]

Firearm Safety Rules for First-Time Gun Owners

(Modern – The Second Amendment has been a hot topic in 2020. According to an August 2020 report from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), nearly five million first-time gun owners purchased firearms in that month alone. With so many newcomers joining the ranks of law abiding gun owners, it’s a good time to […]

Mind Over Matter: Building a Survival Mindset

Visualizing for Survival
(Modern – Preppers often focus their time and energy on developing survival skills and stockpiling essential supplies. These are great practices that help prepare a person to handle bad situations. However, one important aspect of survival is often overlooked: mindset. In any emergency situation, the most important tool is a survival mindset. The will […]

Best Food for Pain Relief

(Modern – If the world were ever to fall to ruin after a major disaster, many of the conveniences people take for granted today would be gone. Among them would be medicine, including pills for pain relief. Should a time come when a quick trip to the store for a bottle of ibuprofen is […]

What’s the Most Important Tool for Hunting Wild Game?

(Modern – In the event of a world-altering disaster, hunting food will become a necessity — regardless of how much food you have stored away. Hunting can involve stalking game through the woods, rifle in hand, but eventually, ammo will become scarce. What if you’re run out of ammunition but still need to hunt […]

What to Do First in a Power Outage

(Modern – Prolonged power outages are a more common threat than many people realize. Recently, hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans learned this difficult truth in the aftermath of an ice storm. When the lights go out, you can’t be sure when they will come back on. It could be hours, or it could be […]

How to Make a Metal Detector

(Modern – When the average person thinks about a metal detector, it’s for searching for buried treasure on a beach. There are, however, a few good reasons why having a metal detector in a SHTF scenario could be advantageous. For example, a metal detector could help you locate a buried cache of survival equipment […]

Testing Plants for Poison

(Modern – Facing a survival scenario is both terrifying and dangerous. One misstep can be fatal, which is why it’s so important to prepare ahead of time. If hard times hit and food becomes scarce, knowing how to test plants for toxicity can be the difference between feeding your family and slow death from […]

“Berry Rule” Toxicity Guideline

(Modern – In a survival situation, food can become hard to find. If you’re lost in the woods and hungry, finding a bush covered in berries can be a blessing — or a curse. Unfortunately, many berries are actually poisonous to humans. It goes without saying that a survival situation will be far more […]

Best Way to Store Home-Canned Food

(Modern – Canning is a great way to build up a stockpile of food for prepping. This isn’t just a hobby for gardeners, either. There is an endless number of foods that can be preserved using this time-tested method. Soups, salsas, meats, jellies and even dry pasta are all viable options for canning. There […]

How to Hold Your Breath the Right Way

(Modern – Is there a right way to hold your breath for a long period of time? Most people have seen an action movie in which the hero is forced to swim a great distance to escape a dire fate. Before diving in, they quickly breathe in and out, suck in a large amount […]

How to Find a Gas Leak

(Modern – A gas leak in the home is a dangerous situation that can lead to a fire or even an explosion. Once a gas leak has begun, the gas will slowly begin to fill the confined space. It mixes with the air, building up so much pressure that any spark, even from static […]

Signs of Sepsis

(Modern – Sepsis, a life-threatening reaction to infection in the body, is an emergency situation in day to day life — and an even greater crisis in a survival situation. Essentially, sepsis causes a chain-reaction throughout the entire body in response to a preexisting infection. Without proper treatment, this condition can lead to organ […]

Winter Hazard: Where Black Ice Forms

(Modern – If you live in an area impacted by bad weather during the winter months, you know that driving can be a hair-raising experience when the roads are bad. Snow is rough for sure, but the bigger threat is black ice. Despite being named ‘black ice,’ this roadway hazard is actually clear — […]

How to Disinfect Water with a Household Product

How to Disinfect Water with a Household Product
(Modern – Many survival shows, magazines and books spend a great deal of time discussing water. This is because water is essential to all life on earth, and human life is no exception. The human body consists of up to 60% water. Without adequate water, the body experiences a variety of nasty side effects […]

Protect Your Food In The Apocalypse…

(Modern – It’s an unfortunate fact that when times get hard, people become desperate. In worst-case scenarios, starving families won’t think twice about becoming raiders if it means their children will go to bed with full tummies. The reason so many people are choosing to embrace the survivalist lifestyle now is to avoid this […]

How to Tell if Someone Opened Your Door

(Modern – Home invasion is, unfortunately, a very real threat in this day and age. Not everyone can afford high-tech security systems to alert them of an intruder either, as these can be rather expensive. If you’re concerned a burglar is going to break in or just want to know if someone is snooping […]

Everyday Preparedness: Don’t Leave Home Without These…

(Modern – Everyday Carry (EDC) is a hot topic for those who take preparation seriously. This consists of the items you keep on your person every day, each time you leave home and goes beyond a wallet/purse and cell phone. To a survivalist, EDC is the collection of vital tools that can save them […]

Concealed Carry Gets Deceptively Stealthy

(Modern – One difficult-to-overcome aspect of concealed carry is actually concealing the firearm. Not everyone wants those around them to know they’re armed, and many of the concealed carry options can be spotted from a distance by a trained eye. Additionally, having a visible gun on your person is a good way to shatter […]

Rule of 3 for Survival

(Modern – In the survival world, the rule of three is one of the first pieces of knowledge that everyone should memorize. Knowing the rule will help you prioritize your needs in an emergency situation — and keep you from making potentially fatal mistakes. It doesn’t matter what kind of emergency you’re facing, the […]

Purify Undrinkable Water in Minutes…

(Modern – The importance of clean, potable water for survival situations cannot be understated. Without water, death can occur in as little as three days, so a product that can not only clean but also purify undrinkable water is extremely valuable. Enter Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Purifier of Water. In the following video, P&G […]

How to Survive a Downed Power Line Scenario

How to Survive a Downed Power Line Scenario
(Modern – Downed power lines are incredibly dangerous — and more common than one might think. Strong storms bring utility wires to the ground frequently, as do vehicles striking power poles. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of just how deadly these scenarios can be. To shed some light on the dangers of downed utility […]

Prepare Now: Keep Rioters OUT

(Modern – With civil unrest continuing to spread throughout the country, the time to prepare for widespread rioting is now. With precious few days until the next presidential election, and the nation seemingly split in half, it might not matter who wins—the nation could see a major spike in riots and looting regardless. Should […]

How to Execute a Fireman’s Carry

(Modern – Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time. When it does, people often sustain injuries and need to be moved out of danger. This becomes much more complicated when the person is unconscious or incapacitated in some way. If you’re facing a situation in which a loved one is knocked out cold and […]

Your Defensive Instincts Could Get You Hurt

(Modern – Self-defense is incredibly important, especially given the state of the world today. Knowing how to properly fend off an attacker, be it in a dark alley or the chaos of a riot, can keep you alive. Unfortunately, sometimes our natural instincts can do more harm than good when we’re forced to defend […]

How to Find North without a Compass

(Modern – Being lost in the woods can be scary, especially when you’re not sure which direction to go. Getting your bearings can be a challenge without a compass, but it’s not impossible—if you know where to look. The easiest, and most traditional, way of finding north is by locating Polaris (the North Star) […]

How to Survive Falling Through Ice

How to Survive Falling Through Ice
(Modern – Winter can bring great beauty, drawing people out into the wild to enjoy activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing and ice skating. Unfortunately, winter can also be deadly. Plunging through the ice into a frozen lake or pond is one of the many hazards winter brings. In the following video, Discovery […]

Important Driving Tips to Keep You Safe This Winter

(Modern – The winter months often bring snow, ice and potentially horrible driving conditions. With a little preparation, driving in winter can be a lot safer. Halfords Autocentre enlisted survival expert Conrad Allen to share advice on how to drive in winter conditions safely. Find out more in the video below: Prior to driving […]