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Our mission and purpose at Modern Survival is to help people prepare for the unknown. Modern Survival helps keep its members informed, protected, happy and healthy no matter what they encounter. Enjoy these tips as you prep for the future. To Your Survival!

Improvising Survival Weapons

( – In the aftermath of a large-scale disaster, the need for protection will skyrocket. Looters will be rampant, and people with nefarious intentions will be unleashed without the threat of law enforcement to stop them. While a firearm is the best protection one could have in a survival situation, there are many ways it […]

Make a Fire By Rubbing Sticks

(Modern – Most people know that you can create fire by rubbing sticks together, but very few know how to do it. It isn’t as simple as just grabbing two random pieces of wood and grinding away with them. In fact, nearly anyone who has tried to make a fire by rubbing sticks together […]

Safety Tips for On the Road

( – For most people, going to work or the store requires getting behind the steering wheel of an automobile. This time in the car is often filled with music, podcasts, or even talking on the phone as they cruise to their destinations. Unfortunately, as statistics show, too many drivers don’t take their time on […]

Rescuers Make Heartbreaking Discoveries As Power Comes Back Online

( – Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc across the nation, from Louisiana to New York. The storm claimed dozens of lives and caused billions of dollars worth of property damage. Now, investigators are finding that in some areas, the aftermath did more damage than the hurricane itself. BREAKING: Hurricane Ida’s death toll in Louisiana has risen […]

North Korea Successfully Launches Long-Range Missiles

( – Thanks to former President Donald Trump, North Korea shelved its long-range missile testing for two years. Unfortunately, those days are gone, and the Stalinist country appears to be back to launching missiles. North Korea says it has conducted successful tests of what it calls a 'strategic' cruise missile, which analysts believe could carry […]

Locals Left to Fend For Themselves as Hospital Workers Walk Out

( – Despite repeatedly stating he wouldn’t impose vaccine mandates on the nation, on September 9, President Joe Biden went back on his word. Under his new rule, roughly 100 million American workers will be forced to get vaccinated or face weekly COVID testing. Many of those who are opposed to forced mandates have other […]

Prepare Now: Keep Rioters OUT

(Modern – Civil unrest has become a big problem in America. According to some estimates, the cost of property damage from the rioting in 2020 was roughly two billion dollars. That total doesn’t include medical bills from those injured, or funeral costs from those who lost their lives. Should the streets fill with angry […]

Disaster Strikes: Places to Avoid

( – Disaster can strike in any number of ways, from natural events such as earthquakes or tornadoes to man-made events like civil unrest or even war. Regardless of the root cause of the disaster, there are some specific places that should be avoided following a large-scale emergency event. In the following video, City Prepping […]

Don’t Leave Home Wearing These

( – During the summer months, wearing flip flops and sandals becomes a norm. These choices of footwear are comfortable and help a person stay cool when temperatures begin to rise. Unfortunately, these items are also dangerous. Here’s why. Is Footwear Really That Important for Survival? Yes, what a person decides to wear on their […]

Evacuees Ordered To Stay Away From Battered Cities

( – Hurricane Ida left a path of devastation throughout the United States. Many people in Louisiana chose to evacuate ahead of the storm, seeking safety further inland. Now, they’ve been told not to come home. As the state continues to grapple with power outages that are affecting hundreds of thousands of residents, Gov. John […]

Deadly Virus Outbreak – It’s Worse Than COVID

( – Following the United States, India has seen the highest recorded death toll from the coronavirus pandemic. Over 441,000 lives have been lost to the virus there. If that wasn’t bad enough, a new virus has reared its ugly head, and it’s more deadly than COVID-19. India fighting to contain Nipah, a virus deadlier […]

Shark Attack Claims Life of Expectant Father

How to survive a shark attack
( – The ocean is an inviting environment full of wonder and joy, one that people flock to every summer. Unfortunately, when humans leave the land to enjoy some time among the waves, they are entering the domain of the denizens of the deep — including sharks. While the threat of being bitten by a […]

Is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) a Viable Threat?

( – Anyone who has spent time around survivalists or preppers has likely heard the term “EMP” tossed around. An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is an intense surge of energy that overloads and destroys fragile electrical components in the surrounding environment. The aftermath of an EMP leaves the hardware in electrical devices damaged and inoperable. […]

Survival Lessons From the Fall of Afghanistan

( – The United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan marks the end of America’s longest war. Unfortunately, as American troops began to move out, the Taliban swept through the country at lightning speed. Watching a country descend into chaos and change in such extreme ways so quickly left much of the world dumbfounded. The events in […]

Home Invader Murders One, Stabs Another 19 Times

( – Authorities are on the hunt for a violent criminal who broke into an Oregon home and brutally attacked a married couple. Three weeks after the incident, no arrests have been made and local police are looking to social media for leads. Reward Offered in Travis Juetten Homicide in Marion County – Crime Stoppers […]

Man Missing After Alligator Attack In Flooded Louisiana

( – Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday, one of the most powerful storms to hit the mainland United States in recorded history. The storm devastated Louisiana, with winds reaching 150 miles per hour and widespread flooding. Unfortunately for one man, Ida brought with it more threats than water and wind. Louisiana man missing after alligator […]

Spreading Wildfire Forces New Evacuations

( – South Lake Tahoe has had a rough summer. Earlier this month, part of the lake was quarantined after chipmunks there tested positive for bubonic plague. Now, residents are facing mandatory evacuation as the Caldor fire continues to expand. Caldor Fire Evacuation Order for 8/30/21 at 11:00 a.m. — CAL FIRE AEU (@CALFIREAEU) […]

Why Vinegar is an Essential Survival Supply

(Modern – Did you know that vinegar is an essential multipurpose survival supply? When researching prepping and survival, a common theme you will encounter is redundancy. Redundancy means having multiple survival systems in place that can accomplish the same goal. This concept is incredibly important, should one or more of your systems become compromised. […]

FBI Tips for Detecting Deception

How to Tell When Someone is Lying to You
(Modern – Becoming a well-rounded survivalist goes far beyond the ability to start a fire or purify water. Yes, these skills can be vital to facing an emergency and coming out alive, but what about the abilities necessary to live day to day? One such skill that can be incredibly important to survival in […]

Lawmakers Desperately Seek Help As States Suffer

( – The western United States is in the grip of an unprecedented drought. Extreme heat, little to no rainfall, and raging wildfires have crippled much of the nation. Congressional leaders are now sending a desperate plea for help to Joe Biden and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Congressional leaders are calling on President […]

New Report Shows Shocking Surge In Car Theft

( – With the pandemic still in full swing, people have more than enough stressful things to worry about. Unfortunately, they may have a new concert to add to an already long list: car theft. A study from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) revealed that automobile theft increased by roughly 9.2 percent from 2019 […]

Dr. Fauci Weighs In on End of Pandemic

( – The past 18 months have been hard on the entire world. COVID-19 struck hard out of the gate, and now variants of the virus are continuing to plague humankind. The unrelenting news about infection rates and deaths has become almost too much to bear for many — leaving them questioning whether the pandemic […]

Christians in Afghanistan Forced Into Hiding

( – The Taliban reclaimed Afghanistan at a Blitzkrieg pace, quickly overthrowing the government and sending the country spiraling into chaos. The regime change has forced thousands of civilians into a panic as they search for a way out. Unfortunately, escape isn’t an option for all of them. Please pray for Afghanistan's Christians, who are […]

Rival Protest Groups Violently Clash

( – Violent clashes between extremist groups seem to be spiraling out of control in America. Far-left Antifa and BLM have engaged in open fistfighting with their rivals, the Proud Boys on multiple occasions across the country. While most of these conflicts have been dispersed by law enforcement without serious injuries, the confrontations appear to […]

Preparation is Your Civic Duty

( – As an American citizen, your civic duty includes activities such as obeying the law, performing jury duty, and paying taxes. As a survivalist, your civic duty is to be prepared to act as a first responder in the event of an emergency, if you are capable of doing so. Not only will you […]

Catastrophe Unfolds as Raw Sewage Floods Local Waters

( – Raw sewage, including water contaminated by raw sewage, is a breeding ground for a variety of nasty diseases. Normally, human waste isn’t much of a concern once it’s flushed. However, that isn’t the case right now in Panama City, Florida. Thanks to a power outage and heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Fred, hundreds […]

Murderer Still at Large Despite Large Bounty

( – Katherine Janness was walking her dog through Piedmont Park in Atlanta when they were both brutally attacked and stabbed to death early in the morning on July 28. Janness’s partner found her and her dog at 1:10 a.m. that morning, after tracking her phone. GEORGIA PARK MURDER: Katherine Janness and her dog Bowie […]

Six Men Invade Home, Violently Attack Residents

Home Invasion Tips from a Navy Seal
( – Six men have been arrested in Longwood, Florida, by local law enforcement after a violent home invasion. According to the victims, the masked burglars kicked the door in while yelling, “Police!” A man and a woman who lived in the home told officers that six men, all wearing black masks kicked in their […]

Rescuers Rush to Save Earthquake Victims As Second Disaster Looms

Surviving an Earthquake
( – Haitians are no strangers to disaster. In 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti took the lives of approximately 200,000 people and injured an additional 300,000. Ten months later, a cholera outbreak spread through the country, claiming another 10,000 lives. Now, Mother Nature is wreaking havoc on the Caribbean country once again. On […]

How to Survive While Living Among Terrorists

( – Concerns over local acts of terrorism are very real, arguably now more than ever. Gone are the days of expecting an attack to come solely from overseas groups like Al Qaeda or ISIS. Now, we’re forced to add new menaces to the ever-growing list of potential threats against our country. With frequent acts […]

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