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Our mission and purpose at Modern Survival is to help people prepare for the unknown. Modern Survival helps keep its members informed, protected, happy and healthy no matter what they encounter. Enjoy these tips as you prep for the future. To Your Survival!

Think Outside the Shoe? Surprising Survival Uses for Socks

Think Outside the Shoe? Surprising Survival Uses for Socks
(Modern – When it comes to a life-or-death situation, everything at your disposal can (and should) be used in an effort to survive — including the socks on your feet. A good pair of socks can keep feet warm and dry, but that is just the beginning of their potential uses. To show the […]

Using Aluminum Foil for Survival

Using Aluminum Foil for Survival
(Modern – The difference between life and death in a survival situation can often come down to one skill: ingenuity. It’s the ability to think outside of the box and utilize random items for tasks beyond their original intended purposes. The easiest way to build ingenuity is to learn how common, everyday items can […]

Disposing of Human Waste in a Catastrophe

(Modern – In modern times, many luxuries have become so ingrained in society that most people take them for granted. For instance, consider what would happen in the aftermath of a catastrophe when human waste can no longer be flushed away. In urban and suburban areas, especially those with high population density, disruption of […]

How to Make Bread Over a Campfire

(Modern – Hot bread can be a morale booster after a long day of camping and fishing with the family, or trudging across a post-apocalyptic landscape, for that matter. With surprisingly few ingredients, basic survival bread can be made over an open fire. Coalcracker Bushcraft has created the following video to explain how to […]

Common Myths About Liars

(Modern – There are times when being able to tell whether a person is lying could be beneficial, or even life-saving. For instance, in a disaster situation, being able to tell if someone is honestly seeking help or trying to infiltrate your survival group could be a matter of life or death. Fortunately, there […]

The 95/5 Rule

The 95/5 Rule
(Modern – When asked to describe a survival situation, the average person immediately thinks of being lost in the wild. But does this make sense? The average person spends roughly 95% of their life at work, driving, shopping or doing things around the house — normal day-to-day activities. The other 5% of the time […]

Best Place to Store Emergency Food

(Modern – Having emergency food stored away for a rainy day is a basic component of prepping. But it’s not just preppers who should be planning ahead. According to, everyone should keep at least three days’ worth of food stockpiled for unforeseen circumstances. Of course, most preppers go above and beyond that, some […]

Decrease Pain Immediately

(Modern – No matter how prepared or careful someone may be, injuries happen. From day-to-day life to survival scenarios, pain makes life difficult. Over-the-counter remedies such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen help, but they take time to start working — and in a survival situation, they may not be available. Here are some options to […]

Embracing the Gray Man: A Concept That Could Save Your Life

(Modern – Modern society puts a high level of importance on standing out and becoming the center of attention. From flashy clothing and fancy cars to bright tattoos and crazy hairstyles, people often put a great deal of effort into getting noticed. But from a survivalist perspective, is standing apart from the crowd really […]

How to Start a Fire Using a Battery and a Gum Wrapper

(Modern – Sometimes, surviving a bad situation requires out-of-the-box thinking. Having the ability to combine random items in ingenious ways can literally save the day in some scenarios. For instance, take this survival hack using a AA battery and a chewing gum wrapper: To make a sustainable fire using this method, tinder and kindling […]

This Car Feature Could save Your Life

(Modern – There are a number of scenarios when it might be necessary to escape from a vehicle. If a vehicle gets submerged during a flash flood or catches on fire, the occupants will need to escape. Unfortunately, there are times when car doors won’t open, such as when water pressure outside the vehicle […]

How to Defend Against a Dog Attack

(Modern – Dog attacks are far more common than many people realize. In fact, according to, roughly 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year. Should you become part of this statistic, do you know how to defend yourself? In the following video, former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson explains how to defend […]

How Bandanas Can Be Used for Survival

(Modern – One of the most versatile items that many preppers keep on them at all times is a bandana. Preppers often praise the value of redundancy, which means stockpiling items that serve multiple purposes. A bandana is an excellent example. Bandanas have been popular additions to survival packs for many years, and are […]

First Step in Home Defense

(Modern – The majority of burglaries are committed by thieves who do not want a confrontation. For this reason, burglars often case houses before committing the crime to learn when the owners are going to be away. Because intruders want to avoid homeowners at all costs, there’s a great first step in home defense […]

Camouflage Your Home Protection

(Modern – It’s often said that the best place to hide anything is in plain sight. The reason for this is that people tend to overlook the obvious, especially when they are looking for something valuable. For example, the average burglar hunts for high-value items in drawers, lockboxes or safes. These thieves will overlook […]

How to Plan Survival Calories

(Modern – When planning for an emergency or starting a full-blown prepper pantry, it’s important to know exactly how many calories will be needed each day. There need to be enough nutrients stockpiled to keep everyone in the household well fed for the duration of any survival situation. Without enough food, starvation will begin […]

Understanding Fencing Laws

(Modern – Fences are fantastic for safely containing pets and children inside property lines, as well as keeping wild animals and invaders out. But many people don’t realize that a fence must meet legal regulations. Building a fence is more complicated than simply heading down to the hardware store and purchasing supplies. There are […]

How to Survive Getting Pulled Over

(Modern – Police officers have a difficult job. They are under constant stress on a daily basis, which is often amplified by the actions of bad officers and sensationalized news. When being pulled over, there are a few things that can ease tensions with the officer and keep drivers safe — especially if they […]

How Looting Leads to a Felony

(Modern – In the aftermath of natural disasters, catastrophes, terrorist attacks and civil unrest, some people decide to take advantage of a bad situation by looting. Some of them loot to get bare essentials, such as food and water. But others go for more expensive items, such as electronics and jewelry. In most cases, […]

How to Secure Your Home Without Electronic Devices

(Modern – Throughout all recorded history, keeping the home safe from burglars and violent invaders has been a concern for people around the world. In modern times, fancy security systems have helped the average homeowner defend their property. But what happens when the power goes out and all those security cameras and alarms go […]

Legal Measurements of Shotguns

(Modern – Shotguns are popular tools for home defense against both human invaders and wildlife. They are versatile, able to fire a variety of rounds from buckshot to beanbag slugs. Additionally, even inexperienced shooters can defend their homes with a shotgun as they fire a wide shot pattern, making it hard to miss an […]

What the ‘SOS’ Distress Signal Really Stands For

(Modern – For over a hundred years, SOS has been an accepted international signal for distress. During that time, the SOS sign has saved countless lives. But have you ever wondered what SOS actually stands for? In the following video, Let’s TEACH provides a brief history of the SOS distress signal: Many people believe […]

How to Tell When It’s Safe to Be On Frozen Lakes or Ponds

(Modern – The winter months bring many enjoyable opportunities for outdoors enthusiasts. From skiing and snowboarding to ice fishing and snowmobiling, getting out into the ice and snow can be an exhilarating experience. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. One such danger comes when attempting to cross frozen bodies of water, either on foot […]

Throwable Device Puts Out Fires Automatically

(Modern – For survivalists, fire can be a life-saving asset. It can boil water to make it drinkable, cook food, and provide warmth in cold environments. Unfortunately, fire can also create a survival situation when it gets out of control or erupts unexpectedly. In the world of preparedness, knowing how to eliminate threats is […]

How to Keep Animals Away From Camp

(Modern – When enjoying the great outdoors, knowing how to deter animals from a campsite is a crucial skill. Wild animals making their way through a campsite can be bothersome, costly and even dangerous. Curious critters can ransack campgrounds in search of a quick meal, doing damage to expensive gear and compromising critical food […]

Treat Intestinal Issues Naturally

(Modern – In a survival situation, knowing how to treat health issues such as diarrhea without medicine can mean the difference between life and death. Though often treated as a laughing matter, intestinal issues can become dangerous if you face them while trying to survive TEOTWAWKI. When SHTF, potable water could be hard to […]

Make a Smokeless Fire

(Modern – The value of fire in a survival situation can’t be overstated. However, in some scenarios, having a visible fire can be dangerous. For example, in a SHTF scenario, having an open fire will announce your presence to the world — including those who may want to take what you have. When stealth […]

How to Manage Temperatures When Camping

(Modern – Temperature control can make a primitive camping trip more enjoyable, or it can mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. After all, in as little as three hours, exposure to the elements can be lethal. Knowing how to trap heat inside your tent — or deflect it — […]

Tending to Cast Iron-The Right Way

(Modern – Cast iron cookware is popular among survivalists, campers and preppers — with good reason. For one, it is incredibly durable when cared for and can last for decades, if not centuries. Cast iron also heats evenly, providing a more balanced cooking surface. (Don’t forget cast iron is heavy, too, making it a […]

Bug Out Location Not in the Budget? Go Here Instead…

Bug Out Location Not in the Budget? Go Here Instead...
(Modern – Every prepper dreams of one day owning their own piece of property where they can build the ultimate bug out destination. Unfortunately for many, this is a lofty goal. For those of us who can’t afford to buy a survivalist paradise, where can we go when forced to leave home? City Prepping […]