Society Collapses 7 Ways – Here’s The List

Many think about society collapsing in a world where law and order have broken down and gangs are running wild. While this may be one possibility, it’s not the only one. A lot of different things could happen if society collapses. Many different scenarios could play out.

Here are some of the most common ones to be concerned about.

Infrastructure & Communication Breakdown
When society collapses, the everyday systems that we count on like electricity and the Internet will no longer be available to us. Think about how you and your family will communicate and function without electricity. Got enough walkie talkies, flashlights and batteries? What else are you missing?

Water Scarcity
Water scarcity is already a global crisis and affects just about every continent currently. If your power goes out for an extended period, it’s likely you will also lose the water being pumped to your home. Do you have a fresh water source nearby? Do you know how to transport, store, filter and purify your water? Make sure you have the knowledge and equipment you’ll need to stay alive when it comes to water.

Food Scarcity
A Food shortage is one of the largest concerns during a society collapse. Along with water, a food shortage could happen due to disruptions in food production and distribution. Without anyone growing or distributing enough food locally, there will be massive shortages. Are you prepared to contend with intermittent or extended food shortages? How long can you last with the supplies you have on hand?

Rise in Crime
One of the most common outcomes of a societal collapse is the increase of crime. When the government collapses, law and order will no longer be. Social order collapse will lead to looting, violence, and anarchy. With no police to enforce the law, desperate people will try take what they want by force and those who are not prepared to defend themselves and their supplies will quickly be outnumbered. Do you and your family have firearms and the training to know how to use them?

Lack of Medical Care
With collapse, there will no longer be normal sanitation and healthcare. Without sanitation or healthcare, this will lead to more disease transmission and a much higher death rate from things we wouldn’t normally worry about. Do you have a stockpile of your family’s essential medications on hand? How about emergency medicines? Think about what you’ll need if you have to be your family’s doctor! That’s right… medical books and supplies. It might just save their life.

Economic Collapse
When society collapses, the economy goes with it. An economic collapse could lead to mass unemployment, poverty and desperation. There’s also a strong possibility paper money will have no value and banks will be closed forever. Do you have enough valuable, tradable items that you can barter in desperate times to stay alive?

Martial Law
The government may declare martial law to try and restore order. Martial law could also lead to restrictions on everything from your freedom to move around, travel or even shop for necessities. And most importantly, you will most likely have to protect yourself and your family from the desperation of others. What can you do to be more ready to survive when it’s every man and woman for themselves?

These are all terrible scenarios, but threats to your family’s survival is nothing new for the human race. You stand a much better chance of surviving and protecting your family when you have a better idea of what the threats are. Plan for the best, but prepare for the worst—just in case.

Here’s to your survival!