TAKEOVER Bombshell – It’s All Planned!

According to Summit News, globalist villain Klaus Schwab is calling for WORLD GOVERNMENTS to take over artificial intelligence to become “master” over all of it. He wants these world governments to shape policy for how this technology will be used. He wants total control in the hands of the elites.

Klaus Schwab has spent decades using his influence in globalist communities to promote his wacky takeover schemes. Just recently, Schwab openly called for brain-tracking technology to be inserted into people’s brains.

Now Schwab wants to target artificial intelligence. Schwab is calling for world governments to come together in a globalist takeover of artificial intelligence. He says there are 4 emerging worlds of technology to conquer. And he wants his fingers in every pie!

In Dubai at the World Government Summit, Schwab stated that artificial intelligence represents a “fourth industrial revolution” and that “Who masters those technologies – in some way – will be the master of the world.”

Watch his speech below:

Because artificial intelligence is so important, Schwab is worried that it won’t be used to promote his globalist agenda unless world governments quickly take control of it: “My deep concern is that [with] #4IR technologies, if we don’t work together on a global scale, if we do not formulate, shape together the necessary policies, they will escape our power to master those technologies.”

I don’t know about you, but I think that giving the elites the keys to controlling how the human race consumes information digitally is doomed for.

These people should never get the power that they want. Period.