The Beginning Of “Digital Jail”

The shift towards a cashless society is progressing rapidly in Greenwich, London. An ALDI grocery store has courageously decided to stop accepting cash. It now requires customers to make all payments using their smartphones.

A man visiting London overnight shared a video of this new approach. It soon spread across the internet like wildfire. He wanted to buy food at ALDI but discovered he needed to install the company’s app on his phone to enter the store.

“I stopped by the local ALDI and was told I needed to download an app and scan a QR code to go inside,” the man shared on Twitter. “Don’t accept this! Stand against digital IDs. Say no to app-controlled everything. Stand for humanity!”

Heading to a Cashless Future: An Important Milestone? The video highlighted ALDI’s use of considerable plastic barriers to prevent entry unless customers scanned an app on their phones. This approach is also found in Amazon Fresh markets in the United States.

After using the app to enter the ALDI store, the man observed in the video, “This seems like the beginning of the digital jail we’ve been talking about.”

Like Amazon Fresh, this ALDI store eliminates the need for checkout lines. Cameras throughout the store allow customers to walk out with their items, and their accounts are automatically billed for their purchases.

From Cash to Facial Recognition: The New Shopping Experience. ALDI has implemented facial recognition technology for alcohol purchases that estimates a customer’s age from their appearance. If a customer seems of legal drinking age, they can purchase a bottle of Jack Daniels without any person checking their ID.

However, this digital shopping experience is only widespread in some ALDI stores across the UK. The Greenwich store shown in the video might be a trial for this new technology. British citizens can now choose whether to support this cashless model with their smartphones or wallets.

One commenter proposed, “The British public can react by treating ALDI the same way they did Target,” suggesting the possibility of a boycott to force the ALDI store out of business.

Another person shared their thoughts on the main objective of this digital transition, indicating it may lead towards a future where individuals could have digital implants, enabling cashless transactions.

A person commented, “In time, they’ll provide $100 in food stamps to those who agree to it, similar to the pizza coupons given for receiving the covid vaccine,” referring to Revelation 13, which discusses the Mark of the Beast.