The Panic Buying Starts — Not What You Think

Russia’s attack on a nuclear power plant in Ukraine has revived the fears of people across Europe who remember the 1986 Chernobyl disaster which spewed radioactive fallout over much of the Northern Hemisphere. While many fear Putin might resort to a nuclear attack, another relevant fear is accidentally or intentionally killing a key-man in the highly technical and fragile operations of the live nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

If nuclear power plant operations are not maintained, they can melt-down causing a radioactive wave of death and sickness that could cover all of Europe.

Today, Europeans are panic buying iodine pills in fear of potential nuclear fallout resulting from the conflict in Ukraine. In Romania, iodine has been flying off shelves at a rate similar to what happened after 1986’s Chernobyl disaster. In Belgium, it was reported that pharmacies have already given out 30,000 boxes of Iodine pills to all Belgium citizens in just one day.

It’s a grim thought, but many across North America are preparing for the worst as well. Here’s more information from the well known Canadian Prepper who shares some startling facts about how many insiders are actually preparing for the worst. What do they know that we don’t?

To what extent will Iodine pills help in the event of a nuclear blast?

It’s said that Iodine pills will only help with radioactive iodine fallout. It will not protect you from other kinds of radioactive material. Iodine supposedly works very well to protect your thyroid gland. However, it protects only your thyroid, not other parts of your body.

On Amazon we searched “Potassium iodide for radiation exposure” and there appears to be some decent products still available. Here’s a shortcut to the products available. Make sure you do your own careful research, we’re not giving professional health advice in any way.

Good luck to us all.