US Being Blamed for Drone Attack on Kremlin

A former CIA intelligence officer, Larry Johnson, has claimed that the United States was responsible for the drone attack aimed at the Kremlin on Wednesday. The attack was stopped by a warfare systems that intercepted the drones before they could reach their target, believed to be Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Johnson, decisions on such attacks were made in Washington, not Kiev, and  believes that the Biden administration and the US military-industrial complex must have spearheaded the operation. He warned that Washington should be aware that this knowledge is not a secret.

Larry Johnson, a former CIA intelligence officer, has claimed that the drone attack aimed at the Kremlin failed to achieve its intended tactical objective and was denied by Ukraine. Nonetheless, Johnson asserts that the attack held high symbolic value. He argues that the objective of the attack was to provoke Russia into a major escalation of the conflict, thereby increasing US involvement. However, Johnson notes that Washington is cognizant of the risks associated with further escalation and is actively attempting to discourage any further such actions.

The attempted drone attack has been met with outrage from Russia, with members of the Duma and former President Dmitry Medvedev calling for escalatory retaliation against Ukraine.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, criticized the attempted drone attack as hazardous. He cautioned against instigating Russia to decide between national disgrace and the risk of nuclear war, drawing parallels with President John F. Kennedy’s warning following the Cuban Missile Crisis.

On Friday morning, Ukraine carried out another drone attack, this time targeting an oil refinery located in the Krasnodar Region of southern Russia. The attack resulted in a fire breaking out, but authorities were able to promptly put out the fire, and no injuries were reported.